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NS Legal is a direct legal successor of the law firm Nipl, Zak, Slavicek & spol. established in 1998 as a result of division of the original law office Balcar, Polansky, Nipl, Silar which then belonged to the biggest and oldest law offices in the Czech Republic since its foundation in 1990.

We work to the best of our ability and knowledge and strive to understand the needs of our clients and to fully respect and promote their interests. We provide our services in such a way that we meet the needs and time requirements of our clients and so that we prevent the client’s problems before they occur.

NS Legal also co-operates closely with specialists in various areas, namely with tax advisors, auditors, judicial experts, specialised consultants and accountants, as well as with foreign law offices which allows us to provide our clients also support in neighbour countries, in particular in Slovakia as the country with very similar legal system.

Our Law Firm has available and co-operates with sufficient number of attorneys and lawyers who are qualified in the areas of the Czech law including court’s and arbitration proceedings to provide day-to-day support for individuals, commercial and other entities operating in the Czech Republic and neighbour countries. Due to long term practice and experience of our attorneys we focus on providing our clients with day-to-day support including consultations and complex legal services and solutions satisfying their needs and requirements concerning common day-to-day issues including negotiation of agreements, drafting documents, corporate changes, labour law issues, advertising, family law disputes, enforcement of claims through litigation and arbitration, providing legal opinions regarding various business operation issues and matters etc.

Among the many companies our Law Firm currently represents are subsidiary entities of large international corporations, such as PRIMAGAS, Knauf Insulation, GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett-Packard, DXC Technology, Boehringer Ingelheim, MARKER, CompuGroup Medical, Tikkurila, Kemira, as well as smaller local companies and organisations operating in manufacturing and services areas.

Our Team

The Law Firm has a sufficient number of attorneys at law and lawyers who are fully qualified in many areas of Czech and international law, including litigation and arbitration.

The partners at NS Legal have many years of international experience with providing local support to mainly English, US and Germany based international corporations. Throughout the years of practice, they have been providing legal services across diverse sectors. Thanks to its diversified experience the partners supervised one of the largest domestic acquisitions of a German engineering group in the Czech Republic and provided local support to US investor in large international arbitration case.

Engagements with Clients

NS Legal is flexible in setting up the engagements with clients in a way that is convenient for the client and that allows the client to control well the required and provided support in the sense of scope as well as costs. We are also flexible in meeting specific client requirements in terms of utilising various internal systems that help the client to request and control the provided support. Engagement with each client we consider as a specific opportunity that needs to meet primarily needs and expectations of the client.

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